Monday, 18 November 2013

Memorable Hakal [ Vocation ] Camp in Unai, Gujarat,India

Memorable Hakal [ Vocation ] Camp in Unai, Gujarat,India

Glad to inform that we had a very successful Hakal Camp in Unai.
There were 81 boys who came from different missions of South Gujarat.
A great experience of “JOINING HANDS” to work together to get
Good and Many vocations to the land of Gujarat.

We enjoyed the hospitality  and generosity of the Unai fathers and they truly left no stone unturned to make us feel at home and left every possible facility at our disposal.
Fr Jitu and Schs Brijesh (Guj), Sandeep (Haz), Navin (Pat) gave their very best to make the camp a memorable experience.

We do have another Hakal Camp for the SK, North and Central Gujarat boys.
Dates : 18th Nov (4 pm) to 20th Nov (2 pm)
Place : Jeevan Darshan, Vadodara
Boys : from 8th std to 12th

Note: If there are some boys from South Gujarat who for any reason could not attend the Unai Hakal Camp, they can be sent to Jeevan Darshan.

In gratitude to all those who are “JOINING HANDS” to continue the great mission that Jesus himself started. Let us continue to be a “fire that enkindles other fires” in all that we do.

Sudhir Chettiar, sj
Vocation Promotor , Gujarat Jesuits 

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